Jennifer Rinehart is New Orleans based artist and has been living and working in the city since 2018.  She recently completed the MFA Fine Arts program at the University of New Orleans and is currently a Ceramics instructor. 

Artist Statement

Working with found imagery and objects, I explore transformative sculptural processes and manipulated photographic methods as a metaphor for mental and physical transformation.

Creating large scale cyanotypes that are exposed on painter’s linen, I have developed a unique process for stretching and coating linen that allows me to make images that feel more like paintings than photographs.  Reflecting and analyzing aspects of my adult life, I present images and objects that challenge traditional gender roles that were impressed upon me throughout my upbringing.  My process is defined by experimentation.  During the exposure of the image, dramatic shifts occur that allow for both distortion and a clarity of light within the final artwork.  This process draws on the aesthetics of film noir and informs thematic ideas in my work that touch on the struggle women face with perpetual objectification in our modern world.   

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